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20 Hilarious Pics Prove What A Big Jerk Cats Can Be


20 Hilarious Pics Prove What A Big Jerk Cats Can Be

These cats are not to be messed around with.

Cats are adorable. Their ears perk up when they’re interested in something. Those bright eyes of theirs seem to get bigger when they’re affectionate. You can’t stop yourself from giving them food and snacks when they ask for it with the cutest meows ever.

However, the experience of owning a cat may also tell you that a devil lives inside these cats. There is no way you can explain how their curiosity, agility, and stealth make them the worst troublemaker ever! They won’t hesitate to sit on your face, knock things off places, and essentially do the very thing you told them not to.

Could they be experiencing that high when they manage to be naughty within your home? Anyways, don’t forget to hide your stash of toilet paper and lock away the snacks.

“My cat Furgus. He also doubles up as a step.”

cats are jerks 13

Worth checking.

cats are jerks 3

“He’s on a diet. It’s not going great.”

cats are jerks 4

“I am above reading, peasants.”

cats are jerks 5

This is Atticus. Atticus was in the ICU for 2 days only to learn it’s constipated. The giant turd cost $2,536, more expensive that a Louise Vuitton purse. Yes, I’m fabulous.

cats are jerks 17

“My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else’s keys in her mouth.”

cats are jerks 7

“Quarantine – Day 4.”

cats are jerks 18

“Heard my husband screaming while in the shower… walked in on this.”

cats are jerks 20

“My cat, deeply asleep with the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. We’ve been searching for it for 10 minutes.”

cats are jerks 9

“The cat loves to show her butt during daughter’s virtual clASSes.”

cats are jerks 10

“My cat fell asleep in my salad.”

cats are jerks 11

“Every time I straighten them, Stevie jumps up and ‘fixes’ them.”

cats are jerks 12

“That smile.”

cats are jerks 6


cats are jerks 14

“Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice…”

cats are jerks 15

“Guys, maintenance tried to visit my house today and only left this on the door. I’m crying.”

cats are jerks 1

“Derp eets succulent.”

cats are jerks 16


cats are jerks 8
20 Hilarious Pics Prove What A Big Jerk Cats Can Be 29

Scolded the cat for being on the counter. Now he’s taunting me.

cats are jerks 2
20 Hilarious Pics Prove What A Big Jerk Cats Can Be 30

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”

cats are jerks 19

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