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20 Behind-The-Scenes Of How CGI Effects Create Most Of The Movies We Watch Today


20 Behind-The-Scenes Of How CGI Effects Create Most Of The Movies We Watch Today

Props to everyone’s hardwork in making those movies.

From creating a young Tony Stark to realizing the Mad Titan Thanos with Josh Brolin’s voice. Directors and producers often wait for decades in order to wait for technology to keep up with their imagination. George Lucas waited 20 years to be able to create the ‘Star Wars’ movie he has been dreaming about.

Just like that, many of the movies these days are accompanied by supreme CGI effects, making it hard to discern what is real and what is fake. How much of the seas in ‘Aquaman’ is real? Where did the cast shoot for the phoenix’s resting place in ‘Maleficent’? Here are 20+ amazing shots from famous movies that Greenlemon is truly awed with.

Thanos was a still, cardboard piece all this time.

© KinoCheck International / youtube

The actors of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ were acting across villain Thanos acted by Josh Brolin. He’s a believable villain with his stonecold expression and sturdy build, but… he was not a giant. So, they stick a cardboard which help actors know where to look at.

© KinoCheck International / youtube

But it just ended up hilarious because the guy who’s supposed to look menacing is actually in a tight suit with dots all over his body and the icing on the cake: a cardboard strapped on his head. Elizabeth Olse was laugh-crying behind-the-scenes as she watches her onscreen partner, Vision, killed.

© starkboost / reddit

Raccoon was not a rabbit, but a doll.

© chadwickboseman / Instagram

Mark Ruffalo was also in tight suit all the time.

© kahlkorver / reddit
© Marvel Entertainment / youtube
© markruffalo / Instagram

CGI effect has gotten to the point that actors and actresses wore special effect suits.

The suit that all actors and actresses of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ wore during their time travel were completely edited. Everyone was walking in gray tights, yes, even during that epic slow-mo shoot of the team walking.

Real humans can’t stick to vertical surfaces.

© Framestore / youtube

Flying cables, visual effects and perspective play are everything in Spider-Man movies, whether that’s Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire that swings from one skyscraper to another.

People don’t have better ideas that using ropes.

© Naweezy / reddit

They are also the expert in making people look younger or older.

© OrangeKM / reddit
© Naweezy / reddit

Do you remember when they first edited Tony Stark’s face and made him look like a 17-year-old? Or how Chris Evans looked like a legit old man in the ‘Endgame’? All of that are thanks to the amazing technology that also brought back young Kurt Russel during ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

And Paul Bettany went further than simply acting.

No matter how much CGI effects have advanced, there are limits to budget time as well as the availability of other easier choices negate those expensive technologies. ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ which was based on manga had the actress wear tight suits all the time too, but had her eyes enlarged as how the manga character had.

© Master1718 / reddit

And here’s the amazing video that shows when flowers grew on everyone’s faces from ‘The Rookies’.

And this was way back when they edited Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider.

© JasonLeiHowden / twitter

Chris Evans was bulky the whole time.

© Marvel Entertainment / youtube

Everyone knows that Steve Rogers never mentioned about losing weight for his role in ‘Captain America’ and it was pretty visible that the scene was edited (see how the space on the character’s head seem awkward at times?) That’s because his sub, slim Deeny was taller than the character was supposed to be.

Gorgeous Angelia Jolie did sit for hours to get her makeup.

She also wore her costume along with that makeup and looked like the Maleficent we saw the whole time. She did scare the kids on the set, but holy, imagine getting to see the real Maleficent all the time like that.

In ‘Tomb Raider’ Alicia Vikander actually worked out and put on weigh, gaining 13 pounds of muscle mass. But she also had to use the help of the ropes for those jumps which are also helped with special effects.

Of course, this whole scene was all green.

© Marvel Entertainment / youtube
© Marvel Entertainment / youtube

Not even giant studios are enough when you need to shoot an army of troops running through the jungle. But that’s why treadmills are available, right?

© Fame Focus / youtube

‘Avengers: Endgame’ spent $356 million and ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ cost $197 million which majority were spent on CGI effects. The latter was Luc Besson’s European most expensive movie.

‘Aquaman’ has been swimming in a pool all this time.

© casualphilosopher1 / reddit

Yeah, there’s no way these actors and actresses speak underwater right? They were actually suspended while the spoke and their hair was drawn. The ocean scenery were filmed in nature, but everything else was done in a very big pool.

Nobody drives real cars in those car commercials too because they have this ‘blackbird’ that can be CGI’d like the real thing.

© MyNameGifOreilly / reddit

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