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20 Amazing Minimalist Design Ideas That Show Less Is More


20 Amazing Minimalist Design Ideas That Show Less Is More

How about getting inspired for today?

Back in the days, companies and brands come up with pretty delicate logos in order to convey their messages through them. But as time goes by, logos and brands are simplified for one purpose: to give them more impact and easier to remember by customers. Now, a picture of bitten apple or crocodile can easily remind you of some major brands.

Designers are aiming for more practical, space-saving yet easy to digest results. Whether that’s your business card or kitchen utensils, these are absolutely awesome!

Minimalistic covers for Harry Potter books.

Kincső Nagy

A set of minimalistic chess.


Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ book cover features a match with striking paper on its bound.

Elizabeth Perez

Outlets that pop out!


A triangle-shaped notebook.

Tan Mavitan

Molocow, a company that brands and package their milk in a UFO light.

Kan Salt, Marcel Sheishenov and I-Media Creative Bureau

This seemingly stupid light bulb.

Kosho Tsuboi

New design for Norwegian passport.

Beer cans in Pantone colors that represent the content.


A single email address on a business card.


A knife set by Delgon.

A deer lamp that lights up its antler when switched on.

Popup Lighting

A very simple, but realistic moon light.


A simple, folded BBQ spot.


Even on a tomb.


The book cover of ‘1984’.

Adronauts Berlin

Simplistic design with this LED clock.


Elegant and minimalistic playing cards.

Analog watch that only shows what’s needed.


This smart and minimalist ‘Shades Design’.


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