20 Absolutely Cool Things People Made Out Of Trash

20 Absolutely Cool Things People Made Out Of Trash

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This pandemic has given a lot of people the spare time they’ve always needed. For what, you ask? These DIY projects and upcycling spare materials and broken objects really deserve a second chance in life. They were unwanted and even considered trash by others, but in the right hands and with enough time, they now have a second chance at life!

We shared 20 of the best upcycling DIYs every and hope these will inspire our readers with their own upcycling projects! Your home improvement plans don’t need to be expensive.

“My neighbors built a new fence and made a window for the dog.”


“Roller skates I made for my girlfriend’s birthday.”


“Old dresser restoration.”


When it comes to the ‘home improvement’ project, many people like to think about buying new things. Well, you don’t actually need to start by shelling out money! Instead, have you tried giving your old furniture a second chance in life? Perhaps, you need cleaning tips and extra effort to bring back those shiny looks?

“This is what it looked like when I bought it, and this is what it looks like now.”


“I built this coffee table with a transparent epoxy resin insert.”


“I’ve had cats my whole life but I can’t stand the sight and smell of a litter box. I’ve tried buying covered litter boxes, boxes with little doors, but nothing worked for me.”


“I made a summer kitchen out of a restored piece of a bowling alley.”


“I build a custom fort for our son.”


“This garage painted the utility pipes to match the trees on the wall behind it.”


Another way is to repaint your rooms and furniture! This is a pretty fun activity to do, whether you’re alone or with the kids. Let them choose their favorite colors for the rooms and help you paint together. Quality family time is important, which may even be a great chance to get to know each other better.

“A fairy tree for my daughter.”


“I made a few accessories.”


“We needed a coffee table for our new apartment, so my girlfriend and I built one.”


“I’ve wanted to raise chickens for a while. But I live in a rented house, so I didn’t want to invest the time and money into it in case I had to move.”


“I made a padauk and maple cutting board that looks like a brick wall.”


“My grandma has been complaining about this broken table for a couple of months. I decided to redo it.”


“I made a herringbone wall accent.”


“I made a ring from stainless Damascus steel and crushed Opal stones.”


Do remember to prioritize safety on whatever project you’re working on! Especially when it’s dusty, since masks are necessary for healthcare workers, you can opt for cloth masks or oxygen masks if you’re sensitive to dusty air. But most importantly, enjoy the process and then the results!

“The school where my child is studying has requested a storage space for backpacks and food containers on the street from me.”


“I designed and built my patio furniture out of pine. I’ve always liked the look of herringbone, but I wanted to put my own spin on the pattern.”


“I made this stand for my iPad. I just needed some scrap wood and 10 minutes of my time.”


If you need more ideas on what to do with your old stuff, here are some ideas you will love!