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19 Stunt Doubles Who Look Like Copy-Paste Of The Real Actors


19 Stunt Doubles Who Look Like Copy-Paste Of The Real Actors

They look absolutely similar!

Most blockbuster movies starring actors and actresses usually have stunt doubles that cover for them. And to be able to do that, these stunt doubles not only need remarkable physical abilities, they also need to look similar to the actors and actresses. These people, though, really look so similar they may just pass as the real thing with the right make up.

Green Lemon has compiled 19 actors and actresses side-by-side with their stunt doubles and they look awfully similar!

Keanu Reeves’ stunt double, Mack Kuhr From ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’.

© mackkuhr / Twitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double Peter Kent from ‘Predator’.

© orange_cinema / Twitter

Dwayne Johnson’s stunt double Tanoai Reed for ‘Jumanji’.

© samoanstuntman / Instagram

David Bowie’s stunt double Dave Leavis for ‘Labyrinth’.

© LabyrinthFilmUK/Twitter

Mark Ruffalo’s stunt double Anthony Molinari during ‘Now You See Me’.

© Bobby Bank / Getty Images

Tom Hardy with his stunt double Jacob Tomuri during ‘Mad Max’.

© jaketomuri / Instagram

Lynda Carter and her stunt double Jeannie Epper for ‘Wonder Woman’.

© Jeannie Epper / IMDb

Alexander Skarsgård with his stunt double Mark Slaughter for ‘The Legend of Tarzan’.

© slaughterstunts / Instagram

Mark Wahlberg posing with his stunt double Dan Mast for ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’.

© dnml_ / Instagram

Chris Pratt with his stunt double Tony McFarr for ‘Jurassic World’.

© Tony Mcfarr / IMDB

Lauren German and Lauren Shaw the stunt double for ‘Lucifer’.

© iamlaurenshaw / Instagram

Andrew Lincoln and his stunt Felipe Savahge on ‘The Walking Dead’.

© 2010-2019 AMC Network Entertainment

Léa Seydoux posing with her stunt Gemita Samarra on ‘Spectre’.

© gemitasamarra / Instagram

Chris Hemsworth double Buddy Holland on ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’.

© bobbydazzler84 / Instagram

Sebastian Stan and his double James Young for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’.

© jyou10 / Instagram

Jean-Claude Van damme with his double Mark Stefanich for ‘Street Fighter’.

© Mark Stefanich / IMDb

Grant Gustin with his stunt double Cody Laudan for ‘Flash’.

© grantgust / Instagram

Jim Carrey with his stunt Tom Deakman when filming ‘Ace Ventura’.


Gaten Matarazzo with his stunt Chris Nado during ‘Stranger Things’.

© chris_nado / Instagram

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