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19 People’s Amazing Glow-Ups That Can Leave You Stunned


19 People’s Amazing Glow-Ups That Can Leave You Stunned

Like a butterfly taking its first flight.

We have moments as emo-teens that we want to erase from our memory at times completely. Some call them blundered years when we were disillusioned by dyeing our hair black or red.

Some kids feel insecure about their appearance as kids, whether because of their face or body. Like an ugly duckling, a sore thumb that pokes out, they don’t think they’ll have the same feelings as those born with good looks.

Hey, guess what? Hormone fixed it all for some of them. Their glow-up pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Others put in extra effort, such as by taking up makeup skills and working out. You can have the beauty that you wish for if you treat yourself right.

“There’s a lot of stuff to unpack on my 8th grade class photo, but I think we should all take a moment of silence for the absolute horror that is my choice in shoes.”


“People used to call me cheeks, 10 years can do a lot!”


“Thicc to less thicc. Weird how a year and a few months can change your life.”


“12-27. Childhood was a rough but it makes for a good personality lol.”


“14 vs 18 M / Used to get bullied so hard I still get insecure.”


“F/32/5’4” [246>208=38 pounds] Weight loss, new hairstyle, and soaring confidence really changes a person.”


“18-20. Lost 45 pounds and started taking care of myself. Not sure if am a swan yet but still, I don’t avoid mirrors anymore.”


“Timeline: 2010 to 2019.”


“Found some photos from the 8th grade. 2010 vs 2020.”


“Age 18 to 23, used to look up in photos to try to hide my substantial double chin.”


“Lost 100lbs and now I model full time!”


“[22 vs 24]. 60kgs difference between the two pictures. I’m glad things have improved.”


“16-23. Apparently haircuts are important…”


“Me at 14 vs 19 (Hair is trash in the after pic though).”


“(16-24) From emo, short hair, glasses, acne, braces and baggy clothes to sunglasses, blonde hair and makeup.”


“14 to 22 – Grew into my face and stopped hating every aspect of my existence!”


“Left (16 years old, never kissed a boy, genuinely believed I would be a 40 year old virgin), Right (26 years old, much happier).”

slicedgreenolive / Reddit

“2010 (18) vs 2020 (28).”


“19 -> 25. Found an interview I did at my first internship about 6 years ago.”


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