19 Genius Designs That Turn First-Time Visitors Into Regulars

19 Genius Designs That Turn First-Time Visitors Into Regulars

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Have you ever seen a design so striking that you wonder why not more people and places use it? Personally, it was the kick button in surgery rooms that are often shown in medical dramas. With the pandemic around, this appears to be very useful as it allows people to access elevators and doors with less contact.

This time, we’ve found some amazing designs that people encountered and shared on Reddit. They’re ingenious and often simple but really creative. When great designs meet well-executed results, you get these great facilities and ideas that everyone wants to copy.

Kick buttons for elevators.


People want to avoid touching things in public as much as possible. It’s a common concept in medical services and definitely great to see it used more in public!

Need hooks? Or shelves?


You can pop off as many as you need and turn them into either a hook or a shelf. Not to mention it is such a space-saving design!

These door handles are baguettes.


You can easily tell this is a bakery shop just from the handle!

Dog drinking station is provided in this mall.


Because #dogdrinkmatters. It’s a small addition that makes a lot of people (and pets) happier!

Pet carts that allow you to shop together.


Living alone with a pet makes it really hard to shop with them. Leaving them alone makes you feel uneasy, so why not bring them to shop along?

German sports store with mini indoor lake to test canoes.


You never test your canoes until you bring them home. This way, you can choose your canoe without the hassle of going back and forth to the lake and the store.

This Decathlon store has a test track.


Nothing is worse than finding out your shoes are not as comfortable as you thought right when you’re hiking. You want to find out about that before you buy them.

Shopping mall with peak hour bike lane.


Does seem a bit dangerous, but during peak hour, this definitely helps with reducing traffic.

This Bangkok store allows you to choose a basket for shopping without help.


It definitely makes shopping less stressful, especially when you have social anxiety and an employee is always on your heels.

Sports store with tiny models of their tents.


It is definitely inconvenient to set up one tent after another to see how it holds up.

Furniture store with highly-detailed couches.


Some stores don’t have the space to show all their products, so having a miniature version is an amazing idea!

An entire wall made of sequins in a mall.


The purpose is to allow creativity from visitors as they leave behind a trace. At the same time, it’s less mess and will never run out of space!

This mall’s elevators has its buttons place on an open book.


When it comes to being really different, have to say this concept is absolutely unique. It gives that high-end feel to the whole building.

Shopping cart with map for the supermarket.


Definitely great for supermarkets when they change their layout, or on your first visit to a new one.

This looks like Italy, but it’s actually a mall in Tokyo.


Interior design based on an area from a different country isn’t new. But when it’s well-executed like this, plus it’s 2020, the year where nobody traveled.

Luggage store with airplane set up to test your luggage.


Traveling on your own for the first time is scary and full of many firsts. Like lifting your hand-carry to the luggage space and find it not fitting well with others’ bags. Or how it won’t go under the seat no matter what.

Jewelry store has gold ring as the handle.


When you design, incorporating the business into your idea is important. It doesn’t always have to be functional.

Japanese mall has refrigerated lockers.


They are meant for people to store their fresh produce after shopping if they still want to look around the mall.

Phone holder on cart.


Honestly, we never knew we needed this so badly. Not with a whole generation who can’t part from their smartphone.