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19 Extraordinary Things You Did One Last Time Without Realizing It


19 Extraordinary Things You Did One Last Time Without Realizing It

What was the thing you did for the last time?

Humans are undoubtedly interesting creatures. There are numerous ways in which we differ, but also several ways in which we’re actually darn similar.

Accordingly, there are some specific things every being on planet Earth does without even realizing it – That’s honestly part of being a human.

Understanding this quite alright, we at Green Lemon has compiled 19 extremely specific things people did for the last time without realizing it – Perhaps you can relate to them.

#1 Burned The Last CD

Twitter: @spindlypete

#2 Checked Out Movies Time In A Newspaper Instead Of Online

#3 Scanned Through The Selection At Blockbuster To Get One Last Movie

#4 The Download Of A Song That Perhaps Gave Your Computer A Virus


#5 Made A Call On A Landline

Twitter: @Shumyl

#6 Sent A Text Message Using A T9 Instead Of A Full Keyboard

Twitter: @ThreeUK

#7 Carrying About The Package Of A Brand New CD

#8 Printed Out Direction Instead Of Using Google Maps

#9 Visited The Store To Listen To A New Music With Headphones

Facebook: 1498048787157574

#10 The Cassette-Pencil Trick

Twitter: @captbearddock

#11 Lunchtime Conversation Using This Exact Table

#12 Drinking Out Of The Hose

#13 Logging Onto AIM

#14 Getting One Last Prize In Cereal

#15 Changing The Batteries In A Gameboy

Twitter: @tranzmute_art

#16 Hanging Out At A Spot On Last Time

Twitter: @_ayosworldd

#17 Hitting The Rewind Button On A VHS Tape

Twitter: @SassWithAnAsss

#18 Taking The Bus Home From School

#19 Playing Outside With Friend For The Last Time

Twitter: @cammarsh7

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