18 Unique People Whose Appearance Stand Out Wherever They Go

18 Unique People Whose Appearance Stand Out Wherever They Go

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Everyone is unique in their own way and it is impossible to find two exactly the same person. But some people do stand out much more than the others and their physical appearance makes it easy for us to remember them. And here are 18 earthlings with unique physical appearance.

1. She is the darkest model in the world, Nyakim Gatwech.

queennyakimofficial / Instagram
queennyakimofficial / Instagram

2. Measuring by donut, he is 27 donuts tall.

vernetroyer / Reddit

3. Her shocked expression, though.

thedutchgiant / Instagram

4. My friend has heterechromia.

samanthakaydean / Reddit

5. An adorable baby girl with vitiligo that also affects her hair color.

easszzii / Instagram

6. The gap in my eyebrow is actually hereditary.

zoeck014 / Reddit

7. This is my bro with his friend, they are both 13.

elleynads / Reddit

8. My boy used to look like Danny DeVito.

pangitlee / Reddit

9. A female customer let me take a picture of her beautiful hands. If you haven’t noticed, she has 12 fingers in total.

Designer_Drugz / Reddit

10. This lady’s moles were positioned as such they looked like piercing on her eyebrow.

szlfr / Reddit

11. This is the woman’s natural hair, brown and blonde.

Mother_of_Bambi / Reddit

12. Daughter was born with gorgeous nails.

mozzzzyyy / Reddit

13. A woman with the most beautiful smile ever.

cassandranaud / Instagram

14. My cousin’s hairdo looks like he’s ready to be the anchorman.

Double_Cross_Gender / Reddit

3. Handsome baby has a heart-shaped birthmark!

Gurjen / Reddit

16. She has vitiligo on half of her face.

v_mariie / Instagram

17. This is Yao Ming visiting my 4’11 girlfriend’s restaurant.

ZOlDBERG / Reddit

18. This baby was born with naturally beautiful eyelashes.

Little Miss Egypt / Facebook