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17 People Who Had Nightmarish Trips To The Hairdresser


17 People Who Had Nightmarish Trips To The Hairdresser

From giving a completely different color to messy hairdo… what’s going in their head?

Somehow, getting my hair done at the salon is always something I look forward to. Having someone wash, lightly massage, cut and trim your hair is such a luxurious feeling to have. Not to mention the new, refreshing look you get when you leave the salon.

These people, however, can never forget their trip to the hairdresser. Because they ended up as such a disaster, Greenlemon can only remind our readers to never fall for the cheap ones…

1. I wanted Dakota Johnson’s bangs and gave multiple pictures for reference. This is the result.

© Fifty Shades of Grey / Universal Studios   © bobolatebipboopie / reddit

2. ‘Can you give me some waves down here?’

© Yugen9x / reddit

3. Top two are references. Bottom left is first case and bottom right is after getting it fixed at a new salon.

© DuOroEldrvarya / reddit

4. Paid $10 for hell.

© ana_gdbaby / reddit

5. Girl tried to get cute bangs like the picture below, but…

© majesticedge / reddit

6. UFO vs. ???

© snr1293 / reddit

7. Paid $200 and everything seemed right to the hairdresser, even after they ‘fixed’ it.

© _madlibs_ / reddit

8. Wife wanted what’s on the left. Got what’s on the right.

© waggie21 / reddit

9. “Got it professionally done.”

© unknown / imgur

10. Hip length hair, asked for the left, got what’s on the right.

© vekeso / reddit

11. What is this, the Germany flag?

© Nariadnaia / reddit

12. Showed the picture on the left, got this instead.

© HumongousFungus123 / reddit

13. I went to a pretentious hipster place for a pink ombre. The guy was probably color blind.

© spamwriter / reddit

14. Daughter went to a salon for homecoming hairstyle, got this half-assed barbie DIY result instead.

© jmckny76 / reddit

15. When she said caramel balayage… she most probably did not say it has to be in a tiger pattern.

© Kayla-Charizard / reddit

16. Paid $165 for the hair color on the left. No, she didn’t get that.

© Theheadandthefart / reddit

17. Let a friend who wants to be a hairdresser practice. She begins to realize how precious her hair is.

© KillTh3King / reddit

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