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16 People Shared What They’ve Achieved In 2019


16 People Shared What They’ve Achieved In 2019

Only a handful of people achieved their resolution.

What was your New Year resolution? Actually, it might not matter at this point where we’re only 14 days away from making (another possibly stagnant) resolutions that are just complete copy-paste from this year’s. Well, for these people though, they are going to need to come up with new ones!

Perhaps, you have your own impressive transformations that you’ve reached this year that you’d love to share. These people achieved theirs and have shared them with others to motivate them to change. Greenlemon would definitely love to see yours on this list next year!

1. Recreated that same picture with a different body.

© omarthaherfit / reddit

2. First beard attempt without beard care and second with proper beard care.

© Bringdpayne / reddit

3. He started Jan 1st and now he’s a fine man.

© Big_Grant / reddit

4. After dental veneers, losing weight and self-care!

© MotherofthenightMoon / reddit

5. Got his hair permed. And it’s probably the best thing ever this year for him.

© FOXY877/ reddit   © FOXY877/ reddit

6. Cleaned his grandma’s tarnished spoons from over 30 years ago.

© Lou-Lou / reddit

7. Someone got leaner, taller and older.

© Subieking0418 / reddit

8. Dental veneers, 21st of February and 23rd of October.

© jukiel19 / reddit

9. Well, need we say more?

© AbeastH / reddit

10. She decided to get her first haircut ever days before her 13th birthday.

© Keilaina / reddit

11. Painted the typewriter.

© heyitsjustlikebart / reddit

12. Entered a diet got on heavy workout for 7 months.

© NO5F3R47U / reddit

13. The perfect metaphor of getting your s*** together.

© MrsTerryJeffords / reddit

14. Spent 4 hours on this and it’s totally worth it.

© brown_dog_anonymous / reddit

15. Top is now. One year really does make a difference.

© robbiemat / reddit

16. Before jaw surgery and after with an increase from 130 to 165 lbs 5 months later.

© CunnilingusCrab / reddit

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