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16 People Share The Biggest Secrets They’re Presently Keeping


16 People Share The Biggest Secrets They’re Presently Keeping

What secret are you holding?

Recently, a user took to Reddit to encourage people to disclose something that no one else knows about them anonymously.

What secret are you holding right now?’ The user asked. Fortunately, some people actually replied to the call for transparency and revealed some of their secrets, ranging from funny to devastating.

#1 Sleeping With Fishes

Unsplash | Ahmed Zayan

‘My daughter’s pet, a Beta Fish named Pinky isn’t the original pinky. In particular, this pinky is No 9. @letmeyoursalad.

As adorably funny as this one might sound, I had wondered what on Earth they are doing to these fish to have gone through an estimated 8 of them!

#2 What Occurred During The Holiday

Unsplash | Roberto Nickson

‘I went with my best friend on a girl’s trip last summer and she cheated on her husband. She instantly regretted it and is still with her husband but I have never told anyone.’ @Bad_anima.

#3 True Love Dilemma

Unsplash | Nick Fewings

‘I think I am falling in love and it’s honestly overwhelming.’ @BonnieZoom.

#4 The Major Reason A Friend Left

Unsplash | Olga Kononenko

I’m in a grad program. I’m quite close to three people in my class. This semester, one of the guys in our small group has been behaving weirdly. I got him to tell me what’s wrong. He told me he’s got cancer, and he’ll probably die within a year. He has told me to tell nobody. The other two friends in my class presume he is going on medical leave and he will be back. They had no idea they won’t be seeing him again. I wanted to tell them, but he asked me not to, now I feel very awful! @Abisoccer1.

#5 The Abusive Upbringing

Unsplash | Stefano Pollio

‘I was molested and raped a child.’ @Tahlthar.

#6 Weight Insecurity

Unsplash | i yunmai

‘I haven’t allowed a picture of myself to be taken in years since I gained a lot of weight. And people who haven’t seen me in years still think I’m slim. I’ve lost 23 pounds, I can’t be happy about telling someone I haven’t seen in a long time because then they’ll realize I was overweight.’@nondescript_human_01.

#7 Gifts

Unsplash |

Lately, my wife and I are trying to recover from a break. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago she told me about a story where her grandmother took her grandchildren on a trip to Disney World after their granddad passed wife. My wife bought a Mickey watch on it and even showed me how it looked online. My wife was very close to her grandfather and had the watch linked to him. My wife had a jewelry box with Strawberry Shortcake, in which she hid the watch. She forgot to put it back, and the watch was lost. She never found it out. Okay, I find the online watch and a box of wooden jewelry. I had this box etched with an image of Strawberry Shortcake and her grandfather’s saying. And inside is the watch. Literally, 30-something years later she got the watch back and I truly hope she liked it. @silly_skirt.

#8 Depression


‘I couldn’t care less whether I live or die, my bags are packed. I’m not suicidal, I’m happy. Knowing that there’s no real purpose for life and everybody’s stuck in a work-eating sleep cycle, life is certainly all about the pursuit of money. @ChiefVandec.

#9 Being Lonely

Unsplash | Magnus Lindvall

‘My girlfriend of 3-Years broke up with me shortly after Thanksgiving. My parents wanted her to come for the holidays but this year I told them she’s spending Christmas with her dad. I don’t have the heart to speak to someone in my family about this, it’s been a rough few weeks for me.’ @Edgar_Allen_Swol.

#10 Meowing Suspiciously

Unsplash | Paul Hanaoka

‘I secretly know where the cat treats are, even though I tend to pretend clueless whenever he asks.’ @sex_ghost.

#11 PTSD

Unsplash | Luis Galvez

‘For about half a year now, I have not been able to experience true joy, just tension, disappointment and rage.’ @JustAnotherN0Name.

#12 Spice Of Mystery

Instagram | rush_group

‘In our spice drawer, I threw the onion powder away because I hate the onion powder. My husband asked me “Where is the powder of the onions? I told him it is somewhere around.’ @Sexybroth.

#13 Fact About Their Identity

Unsplash | Jordan Sanchez

‘I am Trans and I am beginning HRT on 2 January. Nobody still knows this except my husband & 3 of my close relatives. My family is almost 100% impossible to be happy about this and I was looking forward to having one last birthday / Christmas with them where they didn’t know/reject me yet, but on my birthday I got flu and now I’m too sick to get on a plane. In fact, my last Christmas with a family who loves me was canceled straight up. I’m shocked, but I’m too sick and exhausted to make a nervous breakdown of it, so at least I have that going for me.’ @HybridHelix.

#14 How Much A Person Is Valued

Unsplash | Ben White

‘My boyfriend has no idea what an expensive Christmas gift it was. He loved the experience so much and I was so glad to do it with him, but he came from a wealthy family and wouldn’t understand how much it was for me. I’ve saved all of my extra money for five months to be able to pay for it and get regular gifts for my family, but I know he didn’t even think about spending so much on me. I’m pleased that he accepted it, even though he doesn’t know what effort went into it.’ @qrowess.

#15 Eviction

Hannah Gullixson | Unsplash

‘I am very soon to be homeless.’ @RonenJon.

#16 Falling Grades

‘After I went to college, my grades started falling drastically. Used to be an A student and now, in several schools, I’m barely getting C’s. I am too ashamed to tell my mother. I continue to think that I will just drop out and give it up completely.’ @wowthatisabop.

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