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15 Subtle Red Flags That Show Someone is A Misogynist


15 Subtle Red Flags That Show Someone is A Misogynist

Men who don’t want daughters and use pet names inappropriately….

How do you know if a person is a misogynist from the things they say or the way they act? It’s sure nice to give people the benefit of the doubt, but we can easily flush out the screwed ones with these signs people share under a thread. After years of observation and dealing with some on their own, they share what signs stuck out the most to them.

If any of you men see yourselves in these, perhaps it’s a great sign to learn about yourself and how you can change.


“They have no friends who are women.

I know I see a lot of young girls/women who think it’s ideal that their boyfriend has no female friends. I argue this is probably not as great as they make it out to be.

If a woman can’t tolerate being friends with you, odds are something’s not right…”


15 Subtle Red Flags That Show Someone is A Misogynist

“Wife bad memes. This is one I’ve noticed recently at work (it only took me years to spot the pattern)– the guys who make “I hate my wife” jokes are far more likely to not listen to me, disregard decisions I’ve made that I carry responsibility for, and disregard my qualifications.”my_best_space_helmet


“Well, in my experience it’s easier for men to keep that misogynistic behavior in check until they are confronted with a woman they don’t like. So look at how they treat women who aren’t doing what he “thinks” they should be doing. Misogynistic men will act much differently to women they are attracted to vs women they aren’t attracted to. Same with women who they respect vs don’t respect. Those differences could be red flags.”alwaysamensch


“Talking over women or excluding them from conversations. Not asking for a woman’s input when she is an expert in the field.”alizef


“HONESTLY. I do not trust a single person who unironically refers to women and girls as “females.” Female friend, female scientist, etc., fine. But using “a female” to describe a woman/girl is dehumanizing and skin-crawling.”mikasoze


“Over-hating on women characters who are somewhat morally grey, but then praising or excusing the men characters who are much MUCH worse. Diane from Bojack Horsemen, Skyler from Breaking Bad, and Amber from Invincible are all victims to this.”breadookay


“Using pet names to demean/undermine women in discussions, such as sweetheart or dear.”linouri


15 Subtle Red Flags That Show Someone is A Misogynist

“Calling women emotional. Telling us to calm down when we’re perfectly calm. Using pet names when it’s inappropriate.”1throwawayor4


“The biggest give away is if they don’t address or acknowledge women within male company, either through lack of eye contact or not including women in the conversation.”msinformation01


“When someone wants kids but doesn’t want daughters.”NYC____1234


“If he says he likes “natural women”. Guaranteed that man doesn’t know what a natural woman looks like but ok.”Extreme-Detective598


“Acting like they know what women, AS A WHOLE, want in a man. They assume we all want the same thing, a 6’+, muscular, douchebag. Some girls probably do, that’s fine, but assuming that and being angry about that usually means you’re a “nice guy” AND that you’re none of those three things. (Except for maybe the last one.)”hold_ur_hand


15 Subtle Red Flags That Show Someone is A Misogynist

“‘Yeah, but…’

I would assume there are a good number of women who faced this a lot in school.”


“How they treat or talk about gay/bi men. Misogyny is usually paired with treating other groups poorly too. In a romantic context men will be hiding their misogyny, so pay attention to how they treat others!”Nice-Examination-250


15 Subtle Red Flags That Show Someone is A Misogynist

“Getting upset if a woman isn’t more outgoing but not bothered by men who aren’t.”NYC____1234

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