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15 Smart Functional Inventions That’ll Improve Your Life Exponentially


15 Smart Functional Inventions That’ll Improve Your Life Exponentially

Breathe fresher air, no more neck pain after a whole day of working.

Our life and history have gradually changed with the influence of creativity and breakthroughs in scientific studies and inventions. Before we realize it, the world is now a place where everyone can voice their creativity and even put those ideas into motion through Indiegogo and Kickstarter’s startup sites.

But there are so many inventions out there that you probably won’t ever have time to check which one is the most relevant to your life. Here we’ve compiled 15 functional inventions that directly improve your life quality!

Neck supporter that helps maintain your body posture while working on your desk.

functional creative inventions 12

The yoga mat that is never too small with instructions.

functional creative inventions 11

3D printing homes for the homeless by inventors who are seeking radical methods to end global homelessness.

functional creative inventions 4
functional creative inventions 4a

TeslaAir that filters pollen and allergens in cars and doesn’t need to have its filters regularly changed like HEPAs.

functional creative inventions 5

Sleep Apnea solution that stops snoring, part of silent sleep training. Easy to clean, waterproof, and definitely easy to use.

functional creative inventions 15

Portable toilet sanitizer that you can be used on anywhere else and sanitizes in 120 seconds.

functional creative inventions 7

A human compass that doesn’t need internet at all – never get lost at a festival ever again!

functional creative inventions 8

Resprana Duo: small, portable PM2.5 air filters that you can wear even while jogging!

functional creative inventions 2

Solar-charged jacket that glows in the dark, waterproof and suitable for running as it’s breathable.

functional creative inventions 9

A washing machine that cleans with ultrasonic technology and can be held within your two palms!

functional creative inventions 10

Tecno Grabber in Tarragona that traps trash in waterways. Made of reusable plastic materials.

functional creative inventions 1

Cell: Part wireless charger, part UV Sanitizer.

functional creative inventions 6

Owlet Smart Sock monitors baby’s oxygen level and heart rate, notifies parents when these levels fall below the ‘safe zone.’

functional creative inventions 3

KittySpring: water fountain that doesn’t run on motors and doesn’t scare your cat. It won’t smell weird and your car won’t hate it!

functional creative inventions 13

Lua, the smart planter with feelings! Yes, it’s got feelings. With the power of internet connection, this indoor planter when it’s pissed or just feeling like a vampire.

functional creative inventions 14

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