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15 Situations Captured That Makes Our Heart Skips A Huge Beat


15 Situations Captured That Makes Our Heart Skips A Huge Beat

Proceed with caution.

Maybe you’ve watched too much horror or thrillers, but there are certain situations in life that can be pretty scary. It doesn’t help that our brain can quickly conjure up images and unnecessarily scary situations we don’t really need just based on what we saw. Others are just plain scary and dangerous.

So, here are pictures Green Lemon compiled for your daily dose of mini heart-attack.

1. Opening a door has never been scarier.

© gowasugay / Imgur

2. You won’t die if you fall. Maybe.

© fluffytoast12 / Reddit

3. The perfect brew for a ‘Final Destination’ scene.

© osoroco / Reddit

4. One can never have too much luck.

© lambchop9876 / Reddit

5. Wife left the gloves to dry, husband walks in.

© RoninGR / Reddit

6. Just one tiny push…

© Unknown / Imgur

7. The waves of the North Sea.

© AaronFireMan / Imgur

8. Nobody asked for this. Nobody needed this.

© parkayyakrap / Reddit

9. When you’ve just watched a movie on serial killers and then someone did not bother to clean this up.

© Rkblack12 / Reddit

10. Oh wow, living on the edge, aren’t you?

© HarambeSalamii / Reddit

11. The kind of ‘Inception’ not even Leonardo DiCaprio signed up for.

© mike_pants / Reddit

12. There’s nothing in the lamp, but the silhouette of your fear.

© Nizzler / Reddit

13. He left his boots there and scared himself when he walked back out.

© WesleyRJ95 / Reddit

14. Just, WHY?!

© IHaeTypos / Reddit

15. Imagine running away from a dust storm in a helicopter like a movie. Except that it’s your life at risk.

© ggfergu / Reddit

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