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15 Pictures Prove That Climate Change Is Not A Joke


15 Pictures Prove That Climate Change Is Not A Joke

It is real and we NEED to take action.

The temperature of the earth’s surface has been rising steadily as the years go by. Glaciers are melting and this causes the water level to rise. Cities are also getting flooded in different parts of the world. Nano plastic waste is invading our food and humans can only seem to worsen the condition. The whole Australia is on fire.

Yet, there are still people who argue that climate change is a hoax. That the earth is one resilient planet and that we shouldn’t be too worried over melting glaciers. Green Lemon has decided to compile these pictures and prove them wrong.

1. Pedersen Glacier, Alaska, 100 years ago has melted and dried up.

© Science Photo Library/EAST NEWS   © Science Photo Library/EAST NEWS

2. The grand and mesmerizing Victoria Falls are now just small streams of waterfalls.

© picture alliance / zb/EAST NEWS   © ZINYANGE AUNTONY/AFP/East News

3. The earth is on fire, destroying natural habitats of animals.

© wwfpak / Instagram

4. Flood is becoming a serious issue all over the world.

 Xinhua News/East News   © Sergey Ashmarin / Wikimedia Commons

5. Iceland’s Okjokull Glacier, September ’86 and August ’19. A memorial was held.

© NASA Earth Observatory

6. The Great Barrier Reef has lost 89% of its new coral.

© Ryan McMinds / flickr   © Coral Reef Studies

7. The glacier in this area has turned into water and temperature has risen.

© USGS/Exclusivepix Media/EAST NEWS   © USGS/Exclusivepix Media/EAST NEWS

8. Aculeo Lake dried up in just 6 years since this picture was taken.


9. Theewaterskloof Dam, South Africa, has also dried up.

© Olga Ernst / Wikimedia Commons   © Werner Bayer / flickr

10. Meanwhile flooding from the Ganges River has destroyed homes in Allahabad.

© Biswarup Ganguly / Wikimedia Commons   © SANJAY KANOJIA/AFP/East News

11. Lake Urmia is close to drying up and has turned red.

© Ali Entezari / Wikimedia Commons   © Amir Sadeghi / Wikimeid Commons

12. Arsons and dry weather have caused the fire to destroy forests around the world, such as the Amazon and Australia.

 Phil P Harris. / Wikimedia Commons   © JOAO LAET/AFP/East News

13. Mississippi River flooded and had the whole city submerged in water.

© Quadcities2012 / Wikimedia Commons   © Quad City Times/Associated Press/East News

14. This is Grinnell Glacier.

© T.J. Hileman / Wikimedia Commons   © Blase Reardon / Wikimedia Commons

15. Lake Oroville in California is also drying up from severe drought. (2010 And 2016 Photos)

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