15 New Hilarious Comics By 'Perry Bible Fellowship' With Unusual Dark Endings

15 New Hilarious Comics By ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’ With Unusual Dark Endings

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We love dark humor because of how ridiculous we see this world we’re living in filled with lies and facades. People can’t be real to themselves and what seems to be are almost always not the truth. Nicholas Gurewitch has a great sense of humor as well as artistic talent that he uses to convert his ideas into comics.

He created Perry Bible Fellowship, a fellowship where we all bond no matter how different we are, as we laugh at the ridiculousness of things. Witty comics that end in ways you can’t really guess. Definitely check out pbfcomics.com for more.

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Feeling lucky.

Smile more!

Getting treated.

I don’t feel so good.


In danger.

Make peace.

Trick or treat.

Command respect.

Let Sir Leopold in.



Lucky day.

Take flight.