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14 Women Share Safety Tips For When You Hit The Bar Solo


14 Women Share Safety Tips For When You Hit The Bar Solo

Stay safe and have fun!

Going to the bar with friends is fun, but there are also times when you just want to go there alone. Or maybe our friends had to cancel for whatever reason. These women share their tips under a Reddit question asked by u/Statistical-outlier1.

We each need to be careful to make sure we are safe wherever we are. It’s just so unfortunate that we’re living in a world where being on your own can be so scary. But remember to most importantly have fun while being out there! Scroll down for the tips.

safe tips for solo women bar 1


“Go to the right bars. Obv this could be tough depending on where you live but in my experience, the best bars for this are the family pubs with an older crowd or queer/drag spaces. Super welcoming thoughtful folks in both and far fewer creeps per capita than your average nightclub.”Ok_Veterinarian_1401


“I go often, but I only visit establishments that I frequent with friends regularly, so I’m familiar with the bartenders. Both of the places I go to are restaurants with regular clientele and I know the bartenders by name. I sit at the bar and always order something to eat so the vibe is ‘I’m not looking to score’ and I only order one alcoholic beverage.”supersarney


“On your way home: make sure to stay in contact with your friend while going home. Make sure you aren’t followed. If you are, call someone and describe exactly where you are and who is following you.”IamasimpforObi-Wan


“My rule is to watch them open it/pour it. I also have the rule that if my drink leaves my sight it’s not my drink anymore and I need to get a new one. It could be drugged, some drunk idiot could have stolen a sip with their cold sore idk but I don’t want any of it.”BabyBundtCakes

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“Go to a bar near your home so if you have any doubts you can go back quickly. Also, the regulars and staff at the bar are more likely to know your face since you live in the neighborhood and more likely to look after you.”Professional-Box-


“I stay relatively sober if I go out alone. Keep pepper spray, keys, a knife, whatever self-defense I need on me. Keep an eye out for someone following me into the bathrooms etc, it has happened. Have fun, talk to the regulars. Try to talk to other women. Listen to some music or karaoke. Try not to scroll on my phone. Make sure someone knows where I am. Have a plan to get home.”trynnaplayitcool


“Make sure you maintain some level of awareness, so don’t get too drunk & don’t accept drinks from anyone unless the bartender hands it to you.”risskrys

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“If you want to be left alone (genuinely) pick a bar with a calmer vibe. In Europe, I would say more family-oriented. Somewhere that serves food is a good idea. Try to sit in a corner or somewhere where you have a back or side against a wall and some visibility over the room. Drink water, stay alert, leave around the time you get tipsy. Make sure someone knows where you are.”Malacandras


“If I think you might hurt me and I say something like, “you look familiar, have we met? I could never forget those eyes, we must have met before” you are less likely to hurt me because I can pick you out of a line-up. You are less likely to drug me because I know exactly who you are.”razorchick12


“I’d add never leave your purse/keys/phone unattended. Aside from general thieves, there are also predators that look for ways to leave single women stranded and vulnerable.”Ribbitygirl


“NEVER leave drink unattended. MUST let someone know where you are. MUST have fun.”Vast-Opportunity3968


“DO NOT flash your money around at any time or if that bar has a gaming section in it and you won big be careful at all times.”Questions_It_All


“I “share my location” on my phone to family, tell them the name (and send them a link to socials), and tell them where I am going/when I will be back.”razorchick12

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“If you happen to know anybody that’s a bouncer, go to that bar. My brother was a bouncer at the one and only bar I ever went to alone. When someone bought me a drink (the bartender handed it to me), I was able to ask my brother if the guy was a regular and if he was ok.”MrsF2017

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