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14 Dads Who Didn’t Know They Hilariously Failed At Parenting


14 Dads Who Didn’t Know They Hilariously Failed At Parenting

Dad, c’mon!

Nobody is perfect in this world and while you might have been a big fan of how strong or smart your dad was, he too was just a man. Due to cultural upbringing and their biological instinct, men are not always the parent that does the housework and pay extra attention to what the baby and toddler wear.

And this leads to hilarious mistakes on their sides when the wife suddenly had to ask them to help to change the baby’s clothes. Because while you can differentiate an adult’s underwear, boxer, and shorts, a baby’s can look really similar. These are some of the funniest moments dads make mistakes while parenting.

1. Dad not understanding the difference between shorts and underwear.

hilarious fails by dads 1
alizafriedlanderjmore / instagram

2. One hilarious mistake a day keeps the stress away!

hilarious fails by dads 15
adriennekellogg / instagram

3. Dad trying to make some popcorn for the kids.

hilarious fails by dads 3
ob1obrien / instagram

4. Every lying father ever.

image 12
hilarious fails by dads 4
Lee Robbins / Twitter

5. Dad can’t differentiate an apple from onions and packed it for kid’s lunch. Now we know why they cry a lot.

hilarious fails by dads 5
bexlington / instagram

6. Starts using four diapers… No question asked and immediately got on the job.

hilarious fails by dads 6
donttellbonny / instagram

7. Dad enthusiastically swatted a fly with a consequence on the daughter’s phone.

hilarious fails by dads 7
richellegarner / instagram

8. Dads and priorities.

image 13
iqra hosain / Twitter

9. So someone may have inhaled the spray.

hilarious fails by dads 9
sounddatanomad / instagram

10. No, dad.

image 11
Michael Rosen / Twitter

11. Surprise for wife: husband forgot to put a bag in the diaper pail.

hilarious fails by dads 11
thesadlerstory / instagram

12. Everyone’s going to cry over the spilled milk tonight.

hilarious fails by dads 12
bradymurrayrods / instagram

13. Dad only realized it was curry powder after adding it to pancake powder.

hilarious fails by dads 13
thevitaming / instagram

14. Dad who almost used almond milk for laundry and detergent for puffs.

hilarious fails by dads 14
the.teach / instagram

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