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14 Amazing Things Done By People Who Upcycled Old Junks Into Cool Things


14 Amazing Things Done By People Who Upcycled Old Junks Into Cool Things

Don’t have to be expensive to be fancy.

There isn’t much to do when you’re stuck at home and with restrictions in place from going outside. Did you know that we generate solid waste as much as 3.5 million tons a day? With that in thought, Green Lemon thinks it would be amazing if you can use your spare time now for some cool DIY projects.

These 14 things weren’t bought at stores, but made with either secondhand items or even things you’d consider as junks!

1. Cool kitchen light made out of industrial wire whisk from an old mixer.

© orangebananagreen / reddit

2. This beautiful Christmas tree made of branches from my very own backyard.

© ban5h3e / reddit

3. A vintage duffle bag made from old jeans.

© SarahDezelin / reddit

4. Reusable, collapsible straws.

© beeswaxnotyours-inc / reddit

5. Gave this old bookcase a layer of non-toxic paint and turned it into a personal veggie garden.

© leiselle99 / reddit

6. These are reusable cotton pads made of my children’s old pajamas. Loving them more than I thought!

© landofway / reddit

7. No toilet papers? No worries. Made myself some cotton towels.

© kimithy_ / reddit

8. This year, using old fabric to wrap my gifts.

© Cambous / reddit

9. From an old handbag to useful shoes for kid.

© Vesboo / reddit

10. Used jewelry boxes to make a bead organizer in a cardboard box.

© Lostfoxpleasecall / reddit

11. This coconut husk has been used as a salt container for more than 20 years.

© MarsNirgal / reddit

12. Mom convinced me to repurpose her mother’s old gothic furniture. Grateful for her advice.

© HereForCuteDogs / reddit

13. Added stained glass windows from old parents’ house to her own.

© keepmedreaming / reddit

14. Spent €2 on this Font Vella water bottle made of glass in Cadaques, Spain. It’s now my fancy hand soap dispenser.

© speedycat2014 / reddit

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