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13 Movie Scenes That Are Nightmares For The Actors


13 Movie Scenes That Are Nightmares For The Actors

Nevertheless, they gave their all.

Actors and actresses don’t always get to choose the roles they want. They need to work together with the directors to bring to life characters that are believable and fitting to the movie. That means they really have to break out of their comfort zones and explore the unknown.

But at times, they really can’t hide how awful it was for them to do those scenes. And Green Lemon is certainly surprised to see how some of them were really popular movies!

1. Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’.

© Basic Instinct / Canal+  

Sharon Stone did not imagine the scene where she uncrossed and crossed back her legs would look like that. Director Paul Verhoeven convinced her that it would show her superiority over men and draw attention, and that people won’t see anything.

During premiere, she was so shocked and was even said to have slapped Verhoeven in the face.

2. Taylor Lautner in ‘The Twilight Saga’.

© The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 / Summit Entertainment

Jacob was everyone’s favorite werewolf and he often shows up topless as he transforms into a wolf (which technically should have made him naked). But Taylor did not like the idea of being half-naked most of the time in front of the camera. He really wanted people to pay more attention to his acting rather than appearance.

3. Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’.

© Titanic / Twentieth Century-Fox

The idea of asking a friend to draw you naked, even though it was scripted, will always be awkward. Such was the situation with Kate Winslet when she asked Leonardo DiCaprio as Rose to do so. She now even refuses to sign on these pictures as she’s a mother of 3 and a more serious actress now.

4. Jim Carrey in ‘Kick-Ass 2’.

© Kick-Ass 2 / Universal Pictures

Jim Carrey is well-known to be a comedic actor, but he actually took the role of a superhero named Coloner Stars and Stripes’ in ‘Kick-Ass 2’. Carrey later reveals that he’s ashamed of the violent acting, calling them as inappropriate even though in was an action film.

5. Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’.

© Black Swan / Cross Creek Pictures

When Natalie Portman had to have sex with Mila Kunis in Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller ‘Black Swan’, she said that it was ‘crazy’ because they were close friends. She even thought about letting a stunt double do it, but eventually, they pulled this one off.

6. Margot Robbie in ‘Suicide Squad’.

© Suicide Squad / DC Comics

Being a Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie’s most popular scene was probably where she declares eternal love and devotion before she falls into a bowl of chemicals. Robbie was already feeling awkward in torn T-shirts and miniskirts – the chemicals were the icing of the cake.

She said the liquid got into her nose, ears and everywhere; it was so uncomfortable and she had to force herself to shoot a loving look to Joker.

7. Kurt Russel in ‘The Hateful Eight’.

© The Hateful Eight / Columbia Pictures

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ had one scene where Kurt Russel smashes a guitar that was in Jennifer Jason Leigh’s hands. He didn’t know that it wasn’t a prop – it was a $40,000 antique Martin from the 1860s.

8. Keira Knightley in ‘A Dangerous Method’.

© A Dangerous Method / Recorded Picture Company

Pyschotherapist Carl Gustav Jung and his patient Sabina Spielrein had quite the relationship. The film had Keira Knightley getting spanked by Michael Fassbender and this was obviously awkward. But she went through with it with a few vodka shots and a glass of champagne afterward.

9. Ellen Page in ‘Juno’.

© Juno / Dancing Elk Productions

Young Ellen Page was famous in ‘Juno’ but she admits that she was not proud of one single joke she made. When her partner suggested the name ‘Madison’, she replied, saying that it was a little gay. She later admits to being ashamed of that joke now that she understands more.

10. Josh Brolin in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

© Avengers: Infinity War / Marvel Studios

Josh Brolin was a convincing character, especially during his full appearance in ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’. It appears that Brolin did not like the idea of crushing Loki’s neck when Tom Hiddleston had invested so much time in it and for that to be his last scene.

11. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

© Fifty Shades of Grey / Focus Features

This film is probably one of the most uncomfortable setting ever for two people who are not in a relationship. Dakota and Jamie had to spend hours in sweaty, uncomfortable situations, and sometimes, tied up and blindfolded.

12. Chris Hemsworth in ‘Thor: The Dark World’.

© Thor: The Dark World / Marvel Studios

Sexy Australian God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth, was required to keep a fit body for his godlike appearance. But it appears that he himself was not particularly comfortable looking like that. But the director said that the movie needed to be spicier, so there you go.

13. Game of Thrones – Emilia Clarke Emilia

© Game of Thrones / Home Box Office

In an interview, Emilia Clarke said that the shooting of the bed scene between her and actor Jason Momoa was one of her nightmares.  According to Emilia, she was laughing hysterically because she was nervous and forgot everything she had done in the scene.

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