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13 Hilarious Life Hacks Will Turn Your Life Upside Down


13 Hilarious Life Hacks Will Turn Your Life Upside Down

How do you prevent cookie theft?

Lifehacks have made the life of many people easier, even though they are simple things like how to seal open snack bags or how to store important belongings while traveling. The lifehacks you’re about to see below are, however, unusual and we know you can’t wait to try them out.

Here are the best 13 and we want to be sure to share your own lifehack with us, too!

1. How to order food online.

© ilove_harry_st / Twitter

2. How to talk to your angry girlfriend.

A man shared once when his GF was mad and wouldn’t answer his calls or texts. She was away for the holidays and he got sad about it. So, his mom shared a trick to put up a photo of them together, the one where she doesn’t look as good, as his profile picture and she’ll definitely text back.

She did, they made peace and everything ended well!

3. When you got a date but also a match to catch up.

© JonLiveseyDS / Twitter

4. Self-motivation 101.

© komarexalex / Pikabu

5. Getting low on milk.

© JiveMonkey / Reddit

6. If you love knitting, here’s a hack with your shoes.

© Lady Ray Crochet / Reddit

7. Cat owners will need this trick.

© Xalyava2020 / Pikabu

8. Here’s how to have a decent picnic in the middle of nowhere.

© Basic01 / Pikabu

9. Can’t find that missing piece?

© boyinawell / Reddit

10. Now, you don’t have to worry about people stealing your cookies!


11. Because sharing is caring.

© Bavlaklanma / Pikabu

12. How to get your dogs eat their pills.

© Mirsilan / Pikabu

13. This woman knows how to keep herself motivated at work.

© MadHardHatter / Reddit

14. And Kim knows da wey with M&M’s!

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