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10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Women Scientifically Ranked


10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Women Scientifically Ranked

Scarlett Johansson has the most perfect eye position and Bella Hadid, the best chin.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but what if there’s a way to rate it scientifically? Beauty is a subjective matter but turns out that Ancient Greeks know the way to calculate what it means to be deemed as most beautiful. It is known as the Golden Ratio and to this day, the equation is used by many plastic surgeons.

Dr. Julian De Silva from London Facial Plastic Surgery ran these celebrities’ look through an AI that helps calculate the percentage and Bella Hadid easily snatched the first place! Scroll on and see what the most perfect lips, forehead, chin, and nose look like!

Bella Hadid at 94.35%.

worlds most beautiful women 10
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She has 99.7%, the highest chin score of them all, and 97.65% for her eye position, followed by 97% for her forehead. The supermodel scores lower around the brow and eyebrow areas.

Beyoncé at 92.44%.

worlds most beautiful women 9
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Beyoncé has almost the most perfect face shape at 99.6%. The Golden Ratio rated her lips at 95.7%, her eye position at 94.7%, and her brow at 93%. She scored slightly lower with her eyebrow at 87%.

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Amber Heard at 91.85%.

worlds most beautiful women 8
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The former wife of Johnny Depp scored an almost perfect score with her nose, chin, and nose. Followed by the forehead at 97.4% and eye at 92.5%. Her weakest point was her face shape.

Ariana Grande at 91.81%.

worlds most beautiful women 7
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Ariana Grande’s forehead scored at 98% and her nose scored 97.7%, followed by her lips at 96% and then her chin at 96.1%. She lost some points with her eyebrow.

Taylor Swift at 91.64%.

worlds most beautiful women 6

The hitmaker and singer scored nicely with her chin and nose, both above 97%, followed by her lips at 95.3% and then her forehead at 94%. Her lowest score is at her eyebrow.

Kate Moss at 91.05%.

worlds most beautiful women 5
East News, East News

Supermodel Kate Moss has her forehead and eye position, scoring rather high at 98.8% and 99.5% respectively, followed by her lips at 96.56%. She scores the lower with her brow area and chin.

Scarlett Johansson at 90.91%.

worlds most beautiful women 4
East News, East News

The “Black Widow” star has an almost-perfect score for her eyes position at 99.9%, followed by her chin which scored at 99.4%. On bottom of the list are both her face shape and lips.

Natalie Portman with her 90.51% score.

worlds most beautiful women 3
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Actress Natalie Portman scored the highest with her eyes position but scored rather low for her brow area and lips.

Katy Perry at 90.08%.

worlds most beautiful women 2
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Katy Perry’s best face trait was her nose, which scores 98.8%. The Golden Ratio also ranks her face shape with a rather high score, but her chin scored lower compared to others.

Cara Delevigne at 89.99%.

worlds most beautiful women 1

The 30-year-old model and actress has a very sharp look, best known for her thick eyebrows that scored high along with the 98.5% score for her lips. Her average went down by a fraction because of her giant forehead.

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